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Some WIPs

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These are some unfinished projects I've been working on.. Nice, but I feel like they needed some more 'Wow'. Not really sure what it is for now. Hopefully they will be done before Monday. ^_^

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The simple wire roses and custom made orders

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I recently posted this pic on my facebook and it had been pretty hot..

clockwise from above : 
earrings - peach freshwater pearls and non-tarnish silver plated copper wire
ring - gold coated copper wire and peach freshwater pearl
ring - tarnished bare copper wire
ring - non-tarnish copper wire

Here's a bit of explanation about the wires:

Bare copper wires will gradually turn black over time on it's own. The one in the picture had been patinated to black. If you don't like that, it can be reversed a bit by wrapping it loosely with aluminum foil and putting it in a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Or just use jewellery cleaner if you have it. If you like the black but want the copper coloured parts to stand out more, you can just rub it with fine steel wool you use to rub the bottom of your pots and pans with or fine sandpaper. Don't rub too hard on the finer wires though, it might break..

The non-tarnish copper wires are coated so that the colour stays that way, but it requires some care so that the coating will last. Same as the gold and silver coloured wire. Personally, I've worn them very often with no major problems except for very slight darkening on the parts that rub against the skin after around 3-4 months. The outer parts stay the same. The bare copper inside will show once the coating comes off, and it will gradually darken like the bare copper ring above. The coating on the silver wire is the best out of the 3, the colour stays that way for a very long time, even longer than sterling silver (it's also the most expensive, sadly). I would not recommend wearing them while swimming or going to the beach, showering with them on, or use jewellery cleaner on them. If it gets dirty, just use a damp towel to wipe them or wash it with tap water for a short while. Try not to bump them against other jewelleries in your collection (this applies to all other jewelleries you have too!). A small plastic bag would be great. It will be given with every order, but just in case yours got torn with constant use, you can also use the small prescription pill plastic you got from your doctor. =)

The rings inside the pic were all sold, but remakes are available. You can choose whichever colour and design you want. The price depends on the wires you choose and any other additions (pearls/rose quartz stone/swarovski crystals). Please be aware that by adding swarovski crystal it will be very large, at least 2cm in diameter. The earrings are still available for RM25 (rose diameter - 1.5mm, total length - 5cm).

 Price List:

All price is for normal size +- 1cm diameter for basic rose, 1.5cm with pearls/rose quartz, 2cm with swarovski. Larger sizes will be slightly more expensive.

Ring :
Gold/non-tarnish copper/plain bare copper - RM15
Silver/tarnished bare copper - RM17
Add pearl/Rose quartz stone = +RM2
Add Swarovski crystal = +RM3

Studs or Drop Earrings:
Gold/non-tarnish copper/plain bare copper - RM20
Silver/tarnished bare copper - RM23
Add pearl/Rose quartz stone = +RM3
Add Swarovski crystal, middle = +RM5, drops = +RM7
Any other beads addition such as the clear beads in the pic is free! ^^

Psst, a friend of mine ordered this studs. She have good taste. ;p It's still unfinished in the pic, and this is an unedited pic taken with my cellphone. Ah heck, I'm lazy.. hehe..

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An update (At Last!)

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I'm soo sorry for not updating for so long.. Things been crazy and I just got lazy and discouraged. I'm not much of a writer or a blogger anyway.. Looking back, my writings were kinda immature to me. Lol! Actually, I only make jewelleries on holidays when I have lots of free time. I was just kinda buzy this last 2 years with studies and part time jobs during holidays and stuff, and I never really had made anything that I liked enough to post about it..

2 years ago, I finally got into a design course. Industrial design engineering to be exact. It's like, design + engineering. And yes, it's just as crazy difficult as it sounds, at least to me it is. Now, we all know that beauty is subjective, but taking it in the face is pretty tough.. When something you made with all your might and fall in love with got rejected and something you hated turns out to be liked by many. Sometimes, I feel like a sellout, doing things that are not my style and not my liking, just to get by. Perhaps that is life. You don't even have to conciously sell your soul to the devil, the devils are all around you unnoticed. Do all the stuff they liked and in return you'll get your degree or salary or whatever else you need to get through with your life. This sounds harsh, but that's just how it is for everyone. It is called RESPONSIBILITY.. If right now you are doing something you love for a living, lucky you! Make sure you don't fall out of love!

 For now, I'll try to post a lot, at least once a week if I'm doing any projects. To keep things easier in case anyone wants to just look at the jewelleries, I'll put up a gallery soon. See ya next post!

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Ring and earrings are sold. Only necklace is available.

Price: Necklace - RM50


Pendant necklace: diameter 5cm, chain length 45cm including clasp. Longer chain will be included upon request.

Earrings: length 6.5cm, width 3cm

Ring: Adjustable.

No, it’s not amaryllis lily. The name is taken from Greek mythology. Amaryllis is a shy young girl who fell in love with a really handsome jerk named Alteo. Alteo was not interested in anyone. He rejected everyone who admired him by telling them to bring him a flower which had never been seen before on earth, and he will love them in return. Some girls even died of broken heart, and of course, he rejected Amaryllis too. Amaryllis sought help from an oracle at Delphi, and she told her to take a golden arrow from the statue of Goddess Urania, wait until midnight, stab her heart with the arrow, walk barefooted to Alteo’s house, knock on his door and proclaim her love. She did that for 29 nights, but Alteo ignored her. On the 30th night, she found a flower on Alteo’s doorstep, which grew from her blood. Only then did Alteo fell for her. Hmmph! Heartless jerk! Really, I don't think that story have anything to do with these pieces. I just thought that Amaryllis with her demeanour could carry these pieces well.

Perhaps at some point of our lives, we girls had been like her – fell for a jerk and did everything we could to win him. Including stupid things! For me, my jerk is probably neither as handsome nor as heartless, and I did not win him in the end. Ah well, I’ll find other jerks someday.. :P

This piece is actually inspired by two songs. One of them is like a story told without the words, just beautiful music. It starts out with a state of bliss and contempt, then the circumstances that tore them apart, the fight and the ending. My own interpretation anyway. Here’s the link. The other is a secret! (^_~)

I used 26 and 18 gauge gunmetal artistic wire, hard polymer clay flowers, acrylic cat’s eyes beads, and for the pendant, additional teardrop beads, some rose quartz beads for love, bloodstone chips for strength and courage, and creamy peach pearls for that feminine touch. Sweet and elegant with an old world charm. Honestly, these are perhaps the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever made up until now.

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Measurements: necklace length 44cm + 7cm extender

This is inspired by the song ‘Starcrossed’ by Ash. Delving deeper, it’s like being trapped in a dark hole and fighting to no avail. But it’s alright as long as they still have each other. Then again, it’s just another common cliched love story. I still love the song though. Do check it out
here. The video's sort of like modern day Romeo and Juliet.

This necklace is made by using genuine Swarovski Crystals, and silver chain. Sometimes it reminds me of the rain or the sea. Maybe it’s just the blue! :P

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Price: Bracelet - RM15, Necklace - RM30

Measurements: Necklace 36cm + 9cm extender, butterfly 3cm x 2.1cm

Bracelet 19cm including toggle clasp

(This is crazy but I found out that the necklace can also be worn as a long necklace, looong after I made them =P)

You know what they say about vintage findings? If you fall in love with one, just get it, because you would not see it again when it’s gone! I found the vintage butterfly pendant on ebay, and *spluurrrge*. When it finally arrived, I kept staring at it for weeks and weeks. I have no idea what to do with it, mainly because it has two holes on each side instead of just one in the middle. It looked ugly on a cord, too plain on a chain, but luckily it looked mighty fine on a simple layered necklace. The turquoise chips and jasper beads give an earthy feel to the necklace and make it looks more ‘alive’. In fact, I like the end result so much that I made a bracelet to match it. So what's with the name? I thought I could see all the elements symbolized within it. Can you?

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Price: RM40

Measurements: 19+cm including toggle

Actually, this is not my style. I’m more of the ‘colourplay’ kind. I got inspired by Mas
here. She’s really cool and nice. Seems like a great mom too. I never met her in real life though, but she does seems like someone I would really like when I finally met her. ^_^

The beads were actually just another impulse buy that I have no idea what to do with. But they are gorgeous and look like amber! I just can’t resist! =D One day while looking at her bracelets, inspiration strikes. You can guess the rest. I used 26 and 18 gauge gunmetal artistic wire for this one. There will be no remakes as I already ran out of the beads, and I couldn't find it anymore..

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